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One of the biggest regrets I have in life is that, to this day I still have not purchased a nice camera and learned a few basic photography skills to help me take amazing outdoor photography pics. Now, I know a lot of people are probably feeling this same way and many might think this is a typical thing amongst a lot of us. However what makes this even more none excusable for me is that I’ve spend 4 wonderful summers in Alaska, backpacked around the world and have lived in 8 different states within the last 10 years having who knows how many outdoor adventures and climbing trips in between. This is why I have a big problem with me not making the jump on this and finally I purchased an outdoor photography book this past Christmas for my girlfriend. Granted I didn’t purchase the book for myself, but knowing I’d get the opportunity to dive into it a bit made the purchasing decision all the much easier.

Now why am I rambling on about this? I just want to make it a point to those of you who might feel the same way as I do, that your not alone. I’m sure this is a very common regret amongst outdoor travelers and all people alike. I plan on getting more into outdoor photographer this summer and I’d like to encourage you, my friends to do the same. No more letting the beautiful sunsets fade away in the distance or the morning sunshine that shines so crisp on those mountain tops become just a memory in the back of your head. Now if your ready to get into this wonderful outdoor activity let these 25 tips from the pros guide the way.

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25 Pro Tips – Outdoor Photographer

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