Range and Resilience

Resilience and range is what has always set San Diego’s premier long range fleet apart from the rest of the world. As always, the time we are in now is filled with change and adaptation. Here is why seven day trips are the new five day trips. The allure of 100lb class Yellowfin tuna at […]

Jumbo Wild: The Movement

This had me vibrating last night! Makes me want to ride here so bad. Hopefully you’ll find inspiration in it as well.

Going Our Way: Seeing Alaska’s Inside Passage by ferry

At this very moment my wife and I are traveling up the Inside Passage on a Alaska Marine Highway ferry, on our way to Skagway, Alaska! The scenery is beautiful and the feeling of adventure is being filled to the MAX!! Just thought I’d share with you folks our experience. Below is a great article […]

Tombstone Territorial Park

So I recently found a little fold out tourist map of the Yukon Territory, Canada, which is just over the Alaskan/Canadian border here by Skagway. I’ve always known their was plenty of outdoor adventures to be found up in the big ole’ YT but nothing has made me foam at the mouth like when I […]

Adventurers of the Year (The Snowboarder: Jeremy Jones)

If you’re a lover of the snow and you don’t know who Jeremy Jones is, I highly recommend you do some research after reading this blog post. First and foremost…..Jeremy Jones is the man. When it comes to pioneering backcountry snowboarding, he’s the Michael Jordan of the sport. He’s become a huge inspiration to me […]

South American Airpass

So I’m starting to make plans for our Peru trip in October and I came across this South American Airpass from LAN Airlines. We’re debating on spending the whole month in Peru or trying to fly out and experience a few other places in South America while we’re down there. Coming across this Airpass might […]

Sailing Around the World on Someone Else’s Dollar

Now this is something that I have to do! One thing that’s always been on my bucket list was to sail around the world. Recently I haven’t thought of it much because I don’t have a boat, I don’t have money to buy a boat and I just assumed this dream was far off, somewhere […]

Hiking The John Muir Trail

Hiking The John Muir Trail has been on my bucket list for a few years now. The trail is 211 miles long and runs through some of the most spectacular scenery in the United States. I doubt I’ll get to the trail this year, but I’m really hoping to sometime within the next 3 years. […]

Ten best kayaking spots in South Florida

I’ve been to Florida twice in my life, once when I was a little kid and we went to Walt Disneyland and the second time I spent only one day in Miami as we prepared to get on a cruise ship to head down to the Caribbean. The one thing about Florida though is that […]

Best Things to Do at Bryce Canyon National Park

Today I’m heading down to Bryce Canyon National Park for a little few day getaway. I’m super excited as I’ve never been to this National Park before and why on earth it’s taken me this long to get their I have no idea. Utah is home to 5 National Parks and some of the most […]

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