Adventurous Ideas For Your Domestic Vacation

You’ve planned your trip for the summer, now you’re trying to fill it with cool things to do! Lying on a beach is fun but if you like adventure and excitement, check out some of these options on your next trip with your friends.


River Rafting- You’d be surprised how many outfits exist for rivers with navigable whitewater sections. From East Coast to West, the US hosts some of the most beautiful and humbling whitewater in and among some of the most picturesque scenery one could imagine. A trip down the river is not only an adventure, it is a bonding experience, a learning opportunity and a big giant party with your friends. Professionally guided multi-day river trips usually cost a bit, but spare no expense in terms of the experience, and the food! Giant rafts allow you to bring a large kitchen and food supply…not to mention beer; making a river trip a great opportunity to eat, drink , relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


Canyoneering – An adventure absolutely worth going on, canyons are mostly found in the High Desert/Colorado Plateau and are truly a wonder of this world. Carved over the course of hundreds of millions of years, the wash you walk on during the dry summer months could be as old as the dinosaurs that walked this earth. Being a fragile seabed that was fused into lime/sandstone through metamorphosis, the high desert plateau has ebbed and channged with the flow of water, carving canyons like the Grand Canyon, which lie a mile down from the rim. Combine this with rafting and enter the lottery for a spot rafting the Grand…an unforgettable experience.


Canoe Paddling Adventurous- From rivers to lakes, Canoe Paddling is one of the most peaceful pastimes and can make for an excellent multi-day camping adventure. Canoes easily load up with gear, and can be portaged with relative ease. Quiet and quick, canoes are fun to paddle, and a pleasure to tour in. East coast and mid-west rivers are perfect for these type of trips. This is an awesome adventure whether for an overnight or multiple days.


Sea Kayaking- Barrier island are amazing to explore in a sea kayak. From the San Juan Islands Northwest of Seattle, to the Barrier Islands in the Southeast Georgia, most places in the US (and anywhere with barrier islands) are awesome to navigate around in a sea kayak for multiple reasons. Sea kayaks can hold days worth of gear and supplies, are stable and cut through the surf and can cover decent milage for longer trips. A multi-day trip between islands off the coast is an amazing way to have a peaceful getaway and get in great shape!

Take ’em or leave ’em, but these are some great summertime activities to liven up your vacations. Fly solo, or bring a friend, but definitely get out and enjoy all the outdoors has to offer!

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