Supplementing on the Trail

Workout! Pain! Gain! Push Pull! Motivation! Hate! Love! Acceptance! Growth!  Why the hell do we do this?! Faster, Bigger, Stronger! More adventures to accomplish, more stuff to do. Break the Monotony! Last week I covered the training pieces to becoming a better athlete.. and now I will cover the essential tools to train, endure and […]

Training for the Big Time

Training. The word that most athletes loath, common folks despise and the chosen few (like myself) live by. There is nothing better to me than to walk into the gym, tight, tense and stressed and leave 45 minutes to an hour late covered in sweat, exhaustion looming and yet, a sense of sobriety and wakefulness […]

Floods: A Reflection on Preparation and what it teaches us about the Wild-Wilderness

The recent flooding in my adopted town of Boulder, Colorado has provided me with insights about myself and the world that we love to play in.  I lost my home. It was devastating.  I understand now why people go through so many emergency procedures for the worst case scenario, and although it may be perceived […]

Canine Companions: A How-to for Dog Owners and the Woods

The question always comes up, especially when your partner bails on you.. Can/Should I bring my furry friend to come along with me on this trip? This hike? This trail? The answers are not in the article, however the guidelines and research required to produce the best possible outcome for both you and Cujo are. […]

Patagonia: Land of Enduring Possibility

There is a piece of potential through PowderQuest, the leading ski touring company in Patagonia.  This country is one of the most beautiful to ski, see, experience, drink and dance to.  Make sure you brush up on your tango skills, as it is, when in Argentina, do as the Argentines do.  This is a place […]

Fun in the Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the finest displays of mother nature in the world. It has harrowing granite peaks, deep emerald pools, countless trails over its 415 square miles and the best part of all; some of the finest Bouldering areas west of the Mississippi. Our story begins at the entrance to the […]

The Best Towns for Outdoor Living: North Conway NH

Mount Washington in the background A hole-in-the-wall kind of town that gets overrun by tourists during the summer months, but for those lucky few who can call it home, North Conway NH is one of the best choices for the low-key outdoor lover.  It is the gateway to the White Mountains, and with beautiful granite […]

South Dakota, an Unexpected Journey

On the road through rural South Dakota for a friends wedding, the anticipation was not present for the marriage between an old friend and his bride, but for the connection that I would face with crystal schist and virtually endless slabs in the area surrounding Mount Rushmore. Placated by trees, the first welcome we receive […]

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