GoPro: Lions – The New Endangered Species?

Pretty awesome footage of Kevin Richardson and his relationship with a pride of wild Lions and a pack of wild Hyenas: How amazing would it be to walk alongside wild animals like this? I’d imagine the relationship and bond you would build with something that is so feared like a Lion would be an interesting […]

New Years Resolutions

It’s that time of year. The time where we tell ourselves we’re going to make big changes in our lives, and better ourselves so that everybody will notice us and like us better…hey, why not! If your lacking on ideas for self improvement, why not take a page out of OutdoorEnds book with a couple […]

Five Medical Tips For The Backcountry

Safety in the backcountry is paramount. When doing many of the activities we choose to do and love, we are taking inherent risks that could potentially put us in harms way. Anyone who has been in the backcountry knows that there are many uncertain variables from weather, to physical and mental health of you and […]

Where To Go When You Want To Find Yourself……In The Middle Of Nowhere

We all go through times in our lives when we are uncertain of what is to come, what is to be, and what it all means. Times like these can drive us to the edge of our reason, cause us to feel suffocated, and cut off from the things we care most about. Fortunately at […]

Most Extreme Hiking Trails- Via Ferratas

Known for their sometimes terrifying ascents yet surprisingly controlled risk, A Via Ferrata is a special class of “protected” climbing route, classified by its characteristic “climber aids” which include iron/metal footholds and hand holds as wells as a steel support cable running alongside the route. While all this support provides the relief of not falling […]

Belize- Caribbean Destination For Backpackers

Want to go somewhere sunny, warm, beautiful? Hoping to avoid crowds and big tourism money? Want to see culture, wildlife, open markets and ancient ruins? How about cloud laced, lush mountain peaks with ancient caves and waterfalls? What I am describing exists in a place you never would have expected, because may have never heard […]

25 Things That Will Improve Your Next Backpacking Trip

So your always forgetting something when you go camping? You want to bring the right amount of food for your backpacking party of five? Feel like you could go more gourmet with your base camp dinner? Here are 25 tips to make your next camping trip slamin’! 25.) Write a Packlist- Always forgetting things? Make […]

Destination Skagway, AK: The Duff’s Trail Challange

Did you ever feel like you wanted to get out there and experience the great blue yonder? Ever feel like you want to tap into the raw wilderness of the American tundra and test your physical limit? If these are things you have pondered in your head, you might want to check out the hubbub […]

This Can’t Be Real!!

I came across this picture on the web and it boggled my mind. This can’t be real! Right??

Awesome Pic of The Day!

This should hit a little adventure nerve in your body! Doesn’t this make you want to get outside and do this on your own? What a great pic!!

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