Basic Cycling Tips and Skills


I just got back from Moab, Utah and with this spring weather it’s the perfect time to be down there. Heading to Moab you usually encounter 3 main types of people, Dirt Bag Climbers (I say that with pride), Rock Crawlers and Mountain Bikers. This is such a beautiful time of year down there that we ran into a lot of all three. However we camped over by the Slickrock bike trail so we we’re mostly surrounded by mountain bikers. I haven’t done much biking since the thought of wrecking down a giant hill scares the daylights out of me, but being surrounded by all of that beautiful red rock and bike trails made me rethink the whole activity. I don’t necessarily need to be hauling down some hill to enjoy mountain biking. A lot of the trails seemed pretty mellow and the thought of cruising on the sandstone with a nice comfy mountain bike sat pretty well with me as I passed so many people riding on two wheels with big smiles on their faces.

Moab you have now inspired me to venture into this outdoor activity, which will be new for me but I’m sure pretty old for some you. Moab offers world class mountain biking so why not give it a shot when I only live a few hours away? The article below gave me some great beginners tips and the basic cycling skills to get me started on this new outdoor venture!

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Basic Cycling Tips and Skills

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