What Are the Best Rain Jackets for Spring?


I love outdoor gear…..actually I’m obsessed with outdoor gear and their is no question in my mind which article of outdoor clothing is my favorite. The rain jacket! I love rain jackets they just serve so many purposes for me. I’m not only using them when it’s raining, when it’s cold I can just put on another layer beneath the rain jacket and it always keeps in my boy heat, also when it’s windy they work great or if it’s just a little cool outside them keep me plenty warm. Even this past snowboarding season I wore just a rain jacket on the slopes with a warmer mid-layer underneath. The jacket was definitely not designed to be riding in the snow, but it worked out perfectly for me since most of the riding days were in the warmer temperatures. They just serve so many purposes for me and always seem to keep my body at the right temperatures. Also spending 3 summer seasons on the coast in Alaska, a rain jacket pretty much becomes your lively hood.

So with today’s post I thought I’d give my tribute to the love I have for Rain Jackets and which new jackets have come out to be the best during the 2014 season.

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What Are the Best Rain Jackets for Spring?

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