Camalot X4: The Cutting Edge Camming Device


I recently purchased 4 Black Diamond Camalot x4’s for my trip back to Skagway Alaska for the summer. I Was super excited to start doing some trad climbing this summer and it has done nothing but rain since I’ve got here. Bummer because I’ve just starred at my new rack laying on the floor for the past 2-weeks!

My x4’s are in the mail and on their way to Skagway so I can’t wait to get my hands on them and try them out. I’ve been purchasing the Camalot C4’s but decided to double up in sizes with the new x4’s because I’ve heard good things about them. If your interested in learning more about the Black Diamond Camalot x4’s then here is a great review on the cams.

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Camalot X4: The Cutting Edge Camming Device

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