The Top Ten Outdoors Products Everyone Needs To Own

Welcome to the 21st century folks! GearĀ up or get out! To be fair, props to those who still climb snowy mountains in denim and cotton, but let’s be honest here, life on the trail can be a lot easier with some of the new fangled dohickeys of this here technological age! Iffin’ your willin’ lets […]

25 Things That Will Improve Your Next Backpacking Trip

So your always forgetting something when you go camping? You want to bring the right amount of food for your backpacking party of five? Feel like you could go more gourmet with your base camp dinner? Here are 25 tips to make your next camping trip slamin’! 25.) Write a Packlist- Always forgetting things? Make […]

Dakota Fire Hole: Saves Wood, Burns HOT, Minimal Smoke & Efficient Cooking

The Dakota Fire Hole is a Native American style fireplace that burns wood efficiently like a wood stove. It is also a safer way to build a fire as it keeps the coals and flames fairly contained when you are trying to have a fire in windy conditions. By spending some extra effort on digging […]

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