Choosing The Appropriate Gear For Hiking:


I love the great outdoors. My idea of a great weekend usually involves some form of physical activity outside and with the picturesque areas that we have in the UK, quite commonly this involves hiking. Although the terrain is not necessarily tricky, I would never head out for a good hike without the right equipment – especially as the ground can be unstable, wet, slippery and potentially icy if you are heading out during winter.

Your local Mountain Warehouse, GO Outdoors or other form of outdoor store will normally have everything that you need for this type of excursion, but it can be expensive, so it’s always helpful to know what you need before you go there. If it’s your first hiking expedition then it wouldn’t be unusual to go completely overboard with what you purchase – so save yourself some cash and plan for what you need before you head out.

What do I really need for hiking?

If you are heading out on a hiking expedition then there are some absolutely crucial essentials that you need – and some that you probably don’t need to worry about if you aren’t a serious climber. Some absolute essentials that are worth investing in include:

  • A good pair of shoes – perhaps the most essential part of your wardrobe, a good pair of shoes can make a great addition to your outfit and can help to give you the stability and support that you need. These will be robust, hard-wearing and slightly waterproof to deal with any rain
  • Thermal clothes – the UK is a cold place to be the majority of the time and investing in a good pair of thermals can really help you when it comes to hiking. They will keep you warm effectively and be incredibly light at the same time, to ensure that you aren’t getting weighed down
  • Decent walking pants – a decent pair of walking pants are essential to your expedition, and these can help to keep you warm and comfortable at the same time. It’s important that these pants are breathable and allow you to move around as you need to
  • A waterproof jacket – rain is not an uncommon sight on a hike, and the last thing that you want to have to deal with is being wet, cold and miles from home. Take a waterproof jacket to keep yourself dry, and you can always take it off when you don’t need it anymore
  • A water bottle – hydration is absolutely crucial and even when it’s cold you do still have the ability to become dehydrated. Make sure that you drink plenty of water throughout your walk and that you always have a water bottle on hand.

With these five essential items, you can enjoy any hike and any challenge that is put in front of you. So if you are looking to get fit and healthy this year – give hiking a go!

Written By: Paul James

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