Essential Skills: Opposite and Opposed


By far my most passionate outdoor activity is climbing. I’m so stoked to get back on the rock and jam my hands and fingers into the “addicted” cracks! I’ve got a few trad leads finally under my belt and this summer I plan on mastering the purest form of climbing even more. I usually find warm places to climb throughout the winter but this winter I decided to take a break for a bit to advance my snowboarding skills so I can be ready for some good backcountry boarding next season.

Nonetheless climbing season is here and I’m ready to rock and roll. Just thought I’d do a quick post to get you all psyched on getting back onto the rock and brushing up on some of your climbing skills. Most of you probably already know this essential skill, but for those of you who are new to climbing or are just looking to get into it this is definitely a must do if all you have to use is carabiners with no locking devices. Essentially this technique will give you the safety of a locking carabiner with two non-lockers if you place them opposite and opposed. Here you go!!

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Essential Skills: Opposite and Opposed

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