Everything To Know About ODAT Gear Sites

You may have heard of them, and if you haven’t, your living under a rock! Regardless, this article offers up the true breakdown of online daily deal sites and what they have to offer. Gone are the days of paying retail for your outdoor goods. Since the creation of outdoor supply giants like backcountry.com, and REI, there is no need to pay more than wholesale! Backcountry.com got their start in 1996 two friends made an investment in a cache of gear they flipped on their website. Since then, Backcountry has come a long way to where they are today. Anyone can access Backcountry.com to get great deals, and Backcountry now offers its own highly rated line of outdoor lifestyle clothing and equipment that goes by the brand name STOIC.

STOIC gear has gotten high reviews, and has propelled Backcountry.com into the successful ranks of major outdoor outlets. Worth checking out is the actual Backcountry.com website. Backcountry always offers exclusive deals, and coupons on their mother site, and occasionally offers up deals between 70-80% off….although these deals are typically repeated through Backcountry’s subsidiary sites, all of which drive really hard bargains! It’s hard to not lose your self-control, but these sites (when used responsibly) will upgrade your outdoor accoutrements repertoire, and make you the hippest most styling fool on the mountain.

steep and cheap

Steep and Cheap: This is the mother of all online daily deal sites run through backcountry.com. Simply put, you can find anything on this website for between 30 and 80 percent off! When it started in the early 2000’s, Steep and Cheap offered one deal at a time throughout the day for a period of several minutes to a half an hour or until the item was gone. This year, Steep and Cheap has added a new section to their site¬†called “Gear Cache” where for periods of several hours to several days you can browse different categories of “gear collection” ranging from brands to editors pics to specialized equipment! Essentially a deals bin for Backcountry, Steep and Cheap has become widely used, and an awesome alternative to buying retail.


Chainlove: Chainlove is everything you could want for biking and more. From protection, to wheelsets, all 40% off or more. operating similarly to Steep and Cheap, Chainlove offers one deal at a time, but does not offer the “gear cache” option. This site is a must know for all serious mountain bikers and cyclists. Take note, any order placed on Chanlove, Steep and Cheap, Whiskey Militia and Backcountry.com can be held for shipping and combined for an additional .99 cents per item!


Whiskey Militia: Ever wonder what it is to be cool? Join the Militia, and find out just how cool it is to save big bucks on ski/surf and snowboard gear. Brands like Patagonia, Rip Curl and Salomon are frequently found on this site which also offers one deal at a time, until the item is gone.


Gear Trade: www.geartrade.com is another subsidiary of Backcountry.com, but functions differently in that it allows users to sign up for accounts and buy and sell used gear similar to the online auction site ebay.com. Gear Trade is an awesome resource for discontinued brands, past year models and rare finds that you will not find on the ODAT (One Deal At A Time) sites mentioned above. I have found this site useful for trips I can plan for in advance where I know exactly what I want. Take your time and find some real gems on this site!

pros closetThe Pro’s Closet-¬† The Pro’s Closet is a Boulder, CO based online superstore of awesome, used, new and famous gear. They are the largest outdoors Ebay store, a purveyor of nearly every brand of outdoor gear, specializing in bikes and bike gear, and most of all a really, really hip place to get your gear. Check out their store on ebay.com as well as their website where you can read their back story, rip through their inventory, and chat with helpful customer service representatives who make sure you are getting everything you are looking for.

Make sure to explore all of these sites. Don’t hold back (unless you have mouths to feed) and outfit yourself like a pro for the sports and activities you love while all the while saving some serious green! You wont regret it. Backcountry is a company built by outdoor lovers for outdoor lovers with the goal being to get enthusiasts what they want without shelling out their whole paycheck!


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