Fly Fishing 101 – For Beginners


If you want to know what I looked like yesterday while attempting to fish, just take a nice look at the picture above and it will serve justice. I love the outdoors and even more so I want to learn to love fishing. I have friends posting pictures everyday of these beautiful trout they’re catching and I just think to myself how badly I can’t wait until the day that’s me!

I live near the Provo river which is considered one of the best Trout rivers in the United States. Everyday I head home from shredding up the slopes at the Canyons Ski Resort I see cars parked along Hwy. 40 all getting their fix on the wonderful fishing the Heber Valley has to offer. I’ve fished a little here and there, but I’ve finally hit the breaking point when my backdoor is home to some of the best fly-fishing in the country. Now I don’t have a clue how to fly-fish but I was told you can actually still catch some fish with some spinners and the right attitude. So one day I finally had enough, pulled my truck over, bought me a pole, some line, a reel, some spinners, a full-year fishing license and I’ve been tangled up ever since!

Although I’m only fishing with spinners at the moment, the goal is to be fly-fishing as soon as possible. I’m pretty excited about this new adventure I’m about the embark on. If you’re looking to get into fly-fishing yourself or needing to brush-up on some of your old skills, here is a great article that touches base on the 101 of fly-fishing for beginners.

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Fly Fishing 101 – For Beginners

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