Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing 101 – For Beginners

If you want to know what I looked like yesterday while attempting to fish, just take a nice look at the picture above and it will serve justice. I love the outdoors and even more so I want to learn to love fishing. I have friends posting pictures everyday of these beautiful trout they’re catching […]

Five Medical Tips For The Backcountry

Safety in the backcountry is paramount. When doing many of the activities we choose to do and love, we are taking inherent risks that could potentially put us in harms way. Anyone who has been in the backcountry knows that there are many uncertain variables from weather, to physical and mental health of you and […]


I’ll be the first to admit for someone looking to get into fly fishing it can be a little intimidating. With the waders, the vests/packs, the net, the flies, fly tying, the rods and reels, the list goes on. Also don’t forget that hat and $80 Orvis shirt! But contrary to belief you don’t need […]

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