Camalot X4: The Cutting Edge Camming Device

I recently purchased 4 Black Diamond Camalot x4’s for my trip back to Skagway Alaska for the summer. I Was super excited to start doing some trad climbing this summer and it has done nothing but rain since I’ve got here. Bummer because I’ve just starred at my new rack laying on the floor for […]

What Are the Best Rain Jackets for Spring?

I love outdoor gear…..actually I’m obsessed with outdoor gear and their is no question in my mind which article of outdoor clothing is my favorite. The rain jacket! I love rain jackets they just serve so many purposes for me. I’m not only using them when it’s raining, when it’s cold I can just put […]

15 Things You Want In Your Backcountry Med Kit

15.) Bactine- Great for isolating open wounds and adhering gauze. A smart thing to carry in the backcountry 14.) Electrolytes Essential to replenish at times when the body has lost precious salts from sweating, exerting oneself, and not eating well. Theres no substitute for staying hydrated and eating properly, but have these on hand in case […]

Best Cars To Take Skiing

While this is not “Consumer Reports”, sometimes OutdoorEnd likes to inform you on the best products out there for your outdoor activity driven lives. In this weeks blog, we will be looking at five of the best CARS for your ski vacations that don’t involve 31-inch tires and $50k price tags. Sure, SUV’s are great […]

Get Your Old Cruiser Back In Action

When winter sets in and it is dumping snow outside, guys sometimes seek refuge in a thing called a “garage”, where they may spend hours working on their”projects” that they have been meaning to get to for since the age of who knows when. Tinkering with old cars, cardboard boxes of…whats this? An old cruiser […]

Best Products for A Long Bike Ride

When going out on a long bike ride, my cycling friends always ask me which products I prefer for the most sustained energy, and the least cardboardy taste! I always respond with these staples to my diet. Wheter for road or mountain rides, these products will keep you hydrated, full of protiens and salts, and […]

Stay Warm Carving Up The Slopes With The North Face:

You may be looking at your first trip to the slopes or perhaps you just fancy some new gear for the current season, but either way searching through varying brands can be daunting, especially when you’re uncertain where to begin.  Well one brand in particular that stands out from the rest when it comes to […]

The Top Ten Outdoors Products Everyone Needs To Own

Welcome to the 21st century folks! Gear up or get out! To be fair, props to those who still climb snowy mountains in denim and cotton, but let’s be honest here, life on the trail can be a lot easier with some of the new fangled dohickeys of this here technological age! Iffin’ your willin’ lets […]

Everything To Know About ODAT Gear Sites

You may have heard of them, and if you haven’t, your living under a rock! Regardless, this article offers up the true breakdown of online daily deal sites and what they have to offer. Gone are the days of paying retail for your outdoor goods. Since the creation of outdoor supply giants like, and […]

Best Off-Road Trucks….Period

With SUV and Pickup sales maxing out at their highest ever, there are plenty of “trucks” out there that will get you to the grocery store just fine; but are these trucks actually capable of doing what an off-road vehicle was designed to do? This article serves as review of the barebones list of new […]

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