Kodiak Bear Fact Sheet


So I’ve recently been watching this show on the Discovery Channel called Kodiak. I really don’t even watch TV, let alone get into a TV show. I’d say Duck Dynasty is about the only TV show in my entire life that I’ve ever really got into and with that I didn’t even know the showing schedule. I only got into it because one of my roomates bought the first 2 seasons on DVD and I sat down and watched them all so I fell in love with it. However I have a very strong love and passion for Alaska. This will be my 5th summer in Alaska and the love for this place just gets stronger and stronger every year. The state is so large with so many places to explore you could spend a lifetime adventuring up there and never get bored.

Kodiak Island has always been a place of interest to me and this show has just peaked my interested even more. I’ve seen plenty of Bears in my day, but the beauty of these animals never gets old. However I think a lot of people are uneducated on some of the bear facts and names. For example, the big brown bears along the coast with the hump on their backs are usually just called brown bears and the bears in the interior are the Grizzlies. Usually people from the lower 48 just call them all Grizzlies, or I’ve even heard people call them all Kodiak brown bears. All of these bears are slightly different, especially in their diets and the Kodiak bears are actually a unique subspecies because of their Isolation. Anyways this show sparked an interests in me to bring out the Kodiak Bear facts to help people understand more things about these beautiful creatures.

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Kodiak Bear Fact Sheet

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