New Years Resolutions

It’s that time of year. The time where we tell ourselves we’re going to make big changes in our lives, and better ourselves so that everybody will notice us and like us better…hey, why not! If your lacking on ideas for self improvement, why not take a page out of OutdoorEnds book with a couple of these easy New Years resolutions. I promise they wont be difficult, and they’ll make you a better person!

1.) Buy one of those puffy down jackets everybody has!


Here’s an opportunity to be super cool, trendy, and warm! While there are many different kinds of “down” jackets from the real deal 800-fill goose down to the synthetic, lightweight imitations, nothing beats the warmth you’ll get from incorporating one of these babies into your layer system….Of course, the idea is to get the highest ratio of warmth for your dollar and for that, we recommend the GoLite Bitterroot 850-Fill down jacket! For the price you pay, you really wont find anything better! With a water resistant outer layer, a perfect fit, and authentic down fill, the only jackets that come close are from Rab and cost about double! Pick up the Bitterroot for just $200 from the GoLite website, or one of their stores….oh and did I mention it weighs just 13 ounces!

2.) Go on a trip somewhere tropical!


Scratch that….tropical=money this time of year. What you need is to go somewhere in the Caribbean! Central America is the perfect destination if you are looking for sun, fun and lots of places to explore for cheap. The options are endless. Fly into Cancun, for around $400, spend a few days, then rent a car to drive down through Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama! Or take a plane direct to Belize City Airport and fan out from there to its beautiful sandy Cayes, and some of the Caribbean Isles. Antigua, Aruba are beautiful this time of year!

3.) Stop spending all your time on your cell phone!


Honestly, this has nothing to do with the outdoors, but just consider that all the time you spend twittering about what you facebooked last night while you were instagraming screenshots of your text messages with so and so….you can’t get this time back! I like to think of hell as having to repeat every task you’ve done in your life in un-interrupted chunks of time. Do you really wanna spend 1000-hours checking facebooking in hell before you move on to your next brand of social media!? Obviously, I kid, but seriously we could all put our phones down and do something different for a change!

4.) Be Explorative!


Go out and do that thing you’ve always wanted to do! Be a reluctant enthusiast and a half-hearted fanatic! Don’t let the distractions, and monotonies of everyday life keep you from going out and doing the things you want to do! Live life to the fullest and push yourself to do things you never thought you would do! Have someone you love? See if they want to go with you! Sometimes we discover new and exciting things about ourselves when we share new experiences with the people we love!

5.)Break-out of yourself!


Go do things you wouldn’t normally do! Spend time with the people you don’t spend as much time with! It’s so easy to find yourself in a cycle of monotony after a while of doing the same things day in and day out. Easy becomes hard, and hard becomes easier over time. Find that balance and you’ll be a happy camper. The world is so much bigger than what happens in our heads and before our eyes. Get out there and explore what lies over yonder. Meet new people and build new friendships. Your experiences will last a lifetime, and life is the longest commitment we have to ourselves. Make it a good one!

Be safe, happy, healthy and all your other favorite adjectives!

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