Bow Hunting Pictures

I'm fascinated by how effective a hunters camo can be: … [Continue reading]

Jumbo Wild: Awesome Artwork!

I love the artwork here! So I just took a screenshot of the image. … [Continue reading]

Jumbo Wild: The Movement

This had me vibrating last night! Makes me want to ride here so bad. Hopefully you'll find inspiration in it as well. … [Continue reading]

Going Our Way: Seeing Alaska’s Inside Passage by ferry

At this very moment my wife and I are traveling up the Inside Passage on a Alaska Marine Highway ferry, on our way to Skagway, Alaska! The scenery is beautiful and the feeling of adventure is being filled to the MAX!! Just thought I'd share with you … [Continue reading]


You can never be too cautious while spending time in the good ole' outdoors. I just barely attended a class for my work that went over the basics in our Trauma Kits and AED usage. It just made me realize that I have a lot to learn and if I ever ran … [Continue reading]

Tombstone Territorial Park

So I recently found a little fold out tourist map of the Yukon Territory, Canada, which is just over the Alaskan/Canadian border here by Skagway. I've always known their was plenty of outdoor adventures to be found up in the big ole' YT but nothing … [Continue reading]

Survival Bow Making

I have a friend up here in Skagway that is really into the primitive lifestyle and survival skills. On our way back from a hike the other day he was telling me about his week long tracking coarse he took back in May. It immediately struck my … [Continue reading]

Adventurers of the Year (The Snowboarder: Jeremy Jones)

If you're a lover of the snow and you don't know who Jeremy Jones is, I highly recommend you do some research after reading this blog post. First and foremost.....Jeremy Jones is the man. When it comes to pioneering backcountry snowboarding, he's the … [Continue reading]

Is Trail Running Better for the Knees?

One thing I do a lot of here in Skagway is trail running. We have access to so many good trails literally within seconds of your front doorstep. One of my favorite things about trail running is that it's not as hard on your body as running on … [Continue reading]

Alaska Ginseng (Devil’s Club)

Today's post is very fitting with the outdoor activities that I have been participating in lately. I'm living in Southeast Alaska at the moment and this place is covered with DEVIL'S CLUB!!! If you decide to go off the beaten path then you can expect … [Continue reading]

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