Range and Resilience

Resilience and range is what has always set San Diego’s premier long range fleet apart from the rest of the world. As always, the time we are in now is filled with change and adaptation. Here is why seven day trips are the new five day trips.

The allure of 100lb class Yellowfin tuna at Guadalupe Island has been an easy destination for five day trips in the past. The incredible schools of Yellowtail at Cedros Island and Islas San Benitos were all in five day range as well. Unfortunately, now we have encountered some obstacles that may have made those trips a thing of the past.

However, the resilience of our Captains and Owners has made it possible to continue catching quality fish through these tough times. They work tirelessly each and every day to make the trip fruitful and successful. Be it in the wheelhouse burning their eyes out in the binoculars, running on gallons of coffee with 2 hrs of sleep, or making the call to extend their summer trips to 6 and 7 days to be better suited to put the boat on biting fish. With these slight modifications Guadalupe Island is back in the picture, and another Yellowtail powerhouse stretch of coast line is in reach.

Nothing compares to the extended range of the San Diego based long range fishing fleet and the possibilities that come with it. Sure yellowtail can be caught on a ¾ day trip or a giant Bluefin on a 1 ½ trip. However, how often does one hear: “you should have been there yesterday” or someone says “they got them on the next trip”. The point of a long range trip is not to be compared alongside those kinds of trips, but is to have “been there yesterday” and to be “the next trip”. When the trip is done, there is huge variety of fish and a spectacular catch to show for it.

Multi day Long Range trips are designed to consistently reach the fish when they are out of reach for others. Shorter trips have their time and place, but don’t overlook what sets long range fishing apart. Range and Resilience are the keys to a fruitful fishing experience.

If you would like to go fishing on a long range trip visit this boats website to get on one of their trips:


or call:       (619) 390-7890

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