JP Auclair: No Need To Pay At The Resort!

This is such an awesome short film in so many ways!! No need to pay to go to the Ski Resort when your JP Auclair. In true fashion Auclair makes us all want to be RAD Skiers so whenever we live in a house on the hill we can just do this. JP Auclair is […]

What is your Ski Bum Name?

Some Creations:

Ski Film: Days To Come

Here is a great Ski film that I saw on the Patagonia website while looking through some of their Ambassadors. This film features Skiers such as four-time X-Games medalist Torin Yater-Wallace, Aiden Sheahan, Gus Kenworthy and Jacob Wester. The film is shot in Aspen/Snowmass and captures some amazing footage of these four cats busting some […]

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