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So I’m starting to make plans for our Peru trip in October and I came across this South American Airpass from LAN Airlines. We’re debating on spending the whole month in Peru or trying to fly out and experience a few other places in South America while we’re down there. Coming across this Airpass might have made the decision for us to travel to other destinations as they offer over 70 cities in South America and you can customize your trip to as many destinations as you’d like and they’ll give you one flat rate price for your whole trip. depending on where you want to go the prices will be different. But for me, I’ve always wanted to visit Punta Arenas to rent a car and drive up to Torres Del Paine National Park in Patagonia. The picture below speaks enough words to explain why:


So with this airpass we can get a flight from Lima, Peru to Santiago, Chile then down to Punta Arenas and spend a week down there and fly back to Lima for around $692. Not too bad of a price considering we are only spending around $200 for our round-trip ticket to Lima, Peru since we’ll be using AAdvantage miles on American Airlines.

So the point is, if your considering visiting South America for a while and want to see more of the continent then this could be a wonderful and reasonably priced way to do it. Just click on the link below and you can mess around customizing your South American trip and it’ll give you a flat rate price.

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South American Airpass

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