Spring Training

Punxsatawney Phil has declared it so! It is now spring and most of us are feeling the warmth of the suns rays break through the clouds for just long enough to want to go outside and be active. Looking for a some pointers on how to get out there this spring and get yourself ready for the summer? Follow this easy regimen and be fit like Schmidt for all your outdoors excursions and stately beach days.

eating-for-muscle-buildingStep 1:

Have a wake up regime! Wake up each morning with a purpose. Have a good, round breakfast and do one physical challenge, be it core, cardio, or strength. It can be push-ups/sit-ups, a bike trainer, it doesn’t matter. The point is to establish a routine in which you pack on calories, then work those calories off while building strength and toning muscle.

30gymStep 2:

Eat healthy throughout the day! Light lunches can do wonders for your stamina. Have a hearty breakfast, and try a salad and some vegetables for lunch. You will find that you’ll be more awake and less likely to fall into the food coma your cohorts may be experiencing after their lunch. Protien is your friend, eat lots of it and be sure to augment with a healthy portion of grains. Eating in this way will give you more stamina and focus to get through your workouts after a busy day.

swim1Step 3:

Challange yourself to activities that will allow you to graduate to new ones. Set goals for yourself with the reward being more challanging activities. This type of rewards system will guarantee your success in meeting your goals as a survivalist, mountaineer and enthusiast of the outdoors.

road-bike-for-menStep 4:

Compete! If you want to get good at something, do it with people who are better than you! Competition sports inspires good sportsmanship, positive values, and a deeper appreciation for the sport you are pursuing. Learn from people seasoned in the techniques of your sport as you test your skills agains theirs, what better way to get good at something!

A female road runner runs down a road at dusk at Independence Pass.Step 5:

Round out your exercises! Make SURE that when you exercise you are working each section of your body evenly. Working one set of muscles with out toning the ones surrounding them can result in stress, pain and overcompensation of muscles. An even workout is key to developing overall strength. Be sure to work on core, when doing arm training, a common mistake with people looking for quick results. Embrace new activities and sports that will work new muscle groups to try to achieve the highest level of overall strength.

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