Going Our Way: Seeing Alaska’s Inside Passage by ferry

At this very moment my wife and I are traveling up the Inside Passage on a Alaska Marine Highway ferry, on our way to Skagway, Alaska! The scenery is beautiful and the feeling of adventure is being filled to the MAX!! Just thought I’d share with you folks our experience. Below is a great article […]

Alaska Ginseng (Devil’s Club)

Today’s post is very fitting with the outdoor activities that I have been participating in lately. I’m living in Southeast Alaska at the moment and this place is covered with DEVIL’S CLUB!!! If you decide to go off the beaten path then you can expect to encounter plenty of this little annoyance. I once upon […]

Kodiak Bear Fact Sheet

So I’ve recently been watching this show on the Discovery Channel called Kodiak. I really don’t even watch TV, let alone get into a TV show. I’d say Duck Dynasty is about the only TV show in my entire life that I’ve ever really got into and with that I didn’t even know the showing […]

Destination Skagway, AK: The Duff’s Trail Challange

Did you ever feel like you wanted to get out there and experience the great blue yonder? Ever feel like you want to tap into the raw wilderness of the American tundra and test your physical limit? If these are things you have pondered in your head, you might want to check out the hubbub […]

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