Hiking The John Muir Trail

Hiking The John Muir Trail has been on my bucket list for a few years now. The trail is 211 miles long and runs through some of the most spectacular scenery in the United States. I doubt I’ll get to the trail this year, but I’m really hoping to sometime within the next 3 years. […]

The Top Ten Outdoors Products Everyone Needs To Own

Welcome to the 21st century folks! GearĀ up or get out! To be fair, props to those who still climb snowy mountains in denim and cotton, but let’s be honest here, life on the trail can be a lot easier with some of the new fangled dohickeys of this here technological age! Iffin’ your willin’ lets […]

25 Things That Will Improve Your Next Backpacking Trip

So your always forgetting something when you go camping? You want to bring the right amount of food for your backpacking party of five? Feel like you could go more gourmet with your base camp dinner? Here are 25 tips to make your next camping trip slamin’! 25.) Write a Packlist- Always forgetting things? Make […]

Winter Camping- Tips and Resources

As any camping fanatic would, I have an obsession with winter camping. The crisp air, amazing vistas and the harsh environment have always inspired me to take my mountaineering to the next level and made me feel stronger in my abilities. For me, winter camping and winter mountaineering go hand in hand. The idea of […]

Drinking Water 101: Water Pathogens & Water Treatment Methods

While spending time in the great outdoors water can be pretty scarce at times. Especially in an emergency situation, an unplanned extra few days or just plane and simply being unprepared. When planning a trip in the outdoors it is very important to think about what your water situation is going to be like while […]

Backpacking: 5 Pro Tips

I was reading a short article in Outside Magazine that listed these 5 awesome backpacking tips from professional backpacker Andrew Skurka. These simple tips can be useful to anyone who backpacks. I will definitely be considering them when preparing for my next backpacking trip. As told by Andrew: 1. Make Your Own Meals A lot […]

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