Jumbo Wild: Awesome Artwork!

I love the artwork here! So I just took a screenshot of the image. http://www.patagonia.com/us/the-new-localism/Jumbo-Wild

Kodiak Bear Fact Sheet

So I’ve recently been watching this show on the Discovery Channel called Kodiak. I really don’t even watch TV, let alone get into a TV show. I’d say Duck Dynasty is about the only TV show in my entire life that I’ve ever really got into and with that I didn’t even know the showing […]

Wildlife Safety: Cougars & Bears

Do you think you could stare down this Cougar in the wild? or would you crumble and run? What if I told you starring down this big Cat could be the difference between you being his lunch and staying alive. Then do you think you would have what it takes? Let’s face it. If you’re […]

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