How To Stay Alive if Lost, Hurt or Stranded:

Learn the skills to stay alive when lost, hurt or stranded!! Featured Link: Wilderness Survival Guide: How To Stay Alive if Lost, Hurt or Stranded

Spring Turkey Hunting Tips

I’ve been really wanting to get into hunting for quit some time now. I grew up shooting guns a lot, but never really had the time to do some hunting. One thing that I’ve wanted to start with is Turkey hunting as the mountains in my backyard is one of the really good places in […]

Fly Fishing 101 – For Beginners

If you want to know what I looked like yesterday while attempting to fish, just take a nice look at the picture above and it will serve justice. I love the outdoors and even more so I want to learn to love fishing. I have friends posting pictures everyday of these beautiful trout they’re catching […]

10 Spring Skiing and Snowboarding Safety Tips

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year to be shredding up the mountain tops. Just the other day I was out in 60 degree weather, wearing nothing but a thin layer and enjoying the nice warm sun. Although Spring time means having some fun in the sun, you still need to take […]

Training 101

With so many sports and outdoor activities out there, its hard to choose which ones we want to get after, and which ones we may need to build ourselves up to. For myself, improving on my climbing is my goal for this year, but I have done little to none at all this year and […]

25 Things That Will Improve Your Next Backpacking Trip

So your always forgetting something when you go camping? You want to bring the right amount of food for your backpacking party of five? Feel like you could go more gourmet with your base camp dinner? Here are 25 tips to make your next camping trip slamin’! 25.) Write a Packlist- Always forgetting things? Make […]

Winter Camping- Tips and Resources

As any camping fanatic would, I have an obsession with winter camping. The crisp air, amazing vistas and the harsh environment have always inspired me to take my mountaineering to the next level and made me feel stronger in my abilities. For me, winter camping and winter mountaineering go hand in hand. The idea of […]

7 Desert Traveling Tips

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