Range and Resilience

Resilience and range is what has always set San Diego‚Äôs premier long range fleet apart from the rest of the world. As always, the time we are in now is filled with change and adaptation. Here is why seven day trips are the new five day trips. The allure of 100lb class Yellowfin tuna at […]

Is This the Future of Wakeboarding?

Sailing Around the World on Someone Else’s Dollar

Now this is something that I have to do! One thing that’s always been on my bucket list was to sail around the world. Recently I haven’t thought of it much because I don’t have a boat, I don’t have money to buy a boat and I just assumed this dream was far off, somewhere […]

How to Surf: Surfing Basics in Huntington Beach

Anyone going to the beach soon? If you’re looking to try and ride a few waves be sure to take these simple tips with you to help you stand up on the board. Featured Link: How to Surf: Surfing Basics in Huntington Beach

Ten best kayaking spots in South Florida

I’ve been to Florida twice in my life, once when I was a little kid and we went to Walt Disneyland and the second time I spent only one day in Miami as we prepared to get on a cruise ship to head down to the Caribbean. The one thing about Florida though is that […]

Standup Paddleboarding in Southern California

My list of outdoor activities to dip my hands into is a very long list. Actually that’s an understatement, it pretty much consists of almost anything you can do that involves being in the outdoors and enjoying the wonderful creation that God has given us. I feel like embracing all that the outdoors has to […]

Adventurous Ideas For Your Domestic Vacation

You’ve planned your trip for the summer, now you’re trying to fill it with cool things to do! Lying on a beach is fun but if you like adventure and excitement, check out some of these options on your next trip with your friends. River Rafting- You’d be surprised how many outfits exist for rivers […]

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