Waveriders: A Must Watch Surf Film


Last night I was looking through NetFlix and came across this Surf film that was in the documentaries section. If you have a NetFlix account I highly recommend watching the film Waveriders. You don’t have to be a surfer to enjoy this documentary. Any outdoor enthusiast would find this film very entertaining.

Waveriders takes you on a journey from Hawaii to California and eventually around the globe to the unlikely cold waters of Ireland in which today is considered where some of the best big wave riding in the world takes place. The film shows how Irish roots have been instilled in the History of surfing since it’s humbling beginning with the Irish-Hawaiian surfer named George Freeth.

In the early 20th century Freeth was responsible for the rebirth of Surfing on the Hawaiian Islands and eventually introducing surfing to the sunny shores of California. At the time of Freeth’s birth surfing in Hawaii was an unpracticed activity and was just considered as part of history as the Hawaiian Sport of Kings. Only families of royalty received surfboards as a gift and token of royalty through their family blood line. Freeth received one of these surfboards and immediately took to the ocean and the rest is history.

After acknowledging Freeth’s legacy as the “Father of Modern Surfing” the film returns to the coast of Ireland where some of the world’s greatest surfers battle to conquer the biggest swell ever to have been ridden off the Irish coast. With waves over 60ft this film features some breathtaking surfing footage and takes you on an awesome adventure. It really makes you want to get out there, travel and surf the globe from END TO END!


George Freeman teaching some of the first EVER Surfing lessons on the California coast.

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