You can never be too cautious while spending time in the good ole’ outdoors. I just barely attended a class for my work that went over the basics in our Trauma Kits and AED usage. It just made me realize that I have a lot to learn and if I ever ran into a serious […]

Survival Bow Making

I have a friend up here in Skagway that is really into the primitive lifestyle and survival skills. On our way back from a hike the other day he was telling me about his week long tracking coarse he took back in May. It immediately struck my attention so I started asking him more questions. […]

Alaska Ginseng (Devil’s Club)

Today’s post is very fitting with the outdoor activities that I have been participating in lately. I’m living in Southeast Alaska at the moment and this place is covered with DEVIL’S CLUB!!! If you decide to go off the beaten path then you can expect to encounter plenty of this little annoyance. I once upon […]

23 Secrets To Cooking on a Campfire

I’d say cooking over a campfire is among the few things at the very top of my list of favorite outdoor activities. I do enjoy cooking even though I’m not very good at it, in the house that is. However cooking outdoors on a campfire is whole different ball game for me. I usually only […]

The Basics: Self Arrest On Snow Slopes

Any avid mountaineer is always up for a challenge. Be it a technical ridge, a talus scree field leading to the crux, or a cirque filled with snow it is important that we take any and every consideration to maintain our composure and our focus while trying to discern the safest route around or over […]

How to Make Stone Blades for Wilderness Survival

I came across this post last night and thought it was pretty cool and interesting. I’m always looking to brush up on my wilderness survival skills because lets face it, if you’re an outdoor enthusiast you never know what could happen and acquiring a few wilderness skills such as this could be the difference between […]

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