Timelapse Friday my friends! Share these beautiful creations by #TimestormFilms. May they bring peace and happiness to your soul.

South American Airpass

So I’m starting to make plans for our Peru trip in October and I came across this South American Airpass from LAN Airlines. We’re debating on spending the whole month in Peru or trying to fly out and experience a few other places in South America while we’re down there. Coming across this Airpass might […]

You, Recycling, and Your Outdoor Lifestyle

We all love the outdoors to one extent or another. Even your average city-slicking, fast-food-eating, pant-suit-wearing average Joe will admit that he likes a breath of fresh air from time to time. These days fresh air is harder and harder to come by. The burning of fossil fuels, and petroleum-based products has pushed mankind over […]

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